Annual Give Back Programs

NAFCD and NBMDA will donate $20 per attendee to the following charities of choice as part of their annual Give-Back Programs.

Floor Covering Industry Foundation (FCIF)

NAFCD’s 2024 Convention Give-Back Program Charity

The Floor Covering Industry Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps families get back on their feet when battling catastrophic injuries, severe disabilities and other life-altering medical crises. Founded in 1981 by industry leaders, the 501(c)3 charity helps those who have worked in the floor-covering industry by providing direct grants for medical care and other basic needs. Rising costs and expenses cause our beneficiaries to lose basic financial freedom in their time of need. Financial help is viewed as an opportunity to say “we care” to those in our floor-covering industry family. Grants are awarded based on the need for expenses such as medical care, medications, medical supplies, and other expenses directly related to beneficiary care, such as food, shelter, and utilities.

The National Woods Board

NBMDA’s 2024 Convention Give-Back Program Charity

As more and more woodworkers in the field are retiring and switching careers, companies are struggling to find skilled trade laborers to fill those jobs. The National Woods Board (NWB) was created to help face the challenge of labor shortages head-on—by making trade education accessible within high schools around the United States, creating career opportunities, and addressing the industry’s workforce needs. NWB strives to replicate and proliferate the successful model implemented by the Colorado Springs-based Manufacturing Industry Learning Lab, known as The MiLL, on a national level. The organization was founded to make the industry-supported education that was built for The MiLL accessible and scalable to students — regardless of the location or population of their district.