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Alexandria International
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ALSA Flooring
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BroadRange Logistics
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Con-Dri is your premier source for Surface Protection products. Our commitment to you, is offering the best products and service in the industry, so give us a call today! 

DAEJIN Co., Ltd.
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Founded in 1979. 
Manufacturing LVT (Glue Down and Loose Lay : 2mm ~ 5mm thickness) from two lines (two factory sites) 
Family owned company with 300 employees. 
About 70% of the Sales is to North American market. 
Stable-quality-product-supply with both Recycled and Virgin PVC 
Always looking for the opportunities to work with the reliable distributors / importers / wholesalers (buy & resell scheme) in each region. 

Diamond Living, LLC
Booth #633

Diamond Living built its first manufacturing facility as BKR in Houston, Texas in the 1990s, and has had an equity interest in multiple international manufacturing facilities for over 20 years. What sets Diamond Living apart from the big clumsy manufacturers is our decades long commitment to quality and innovation. We pride ourselves on being first to market with innovative products such as monolithic waterproof laminate, water resistant laminate, LVT, WPC, and SPC (rigid core). We support multiple top 10 distributors around the country, with one of the lowest claim rates in our industry. We have sold to the largest flooring manufacturer in the world and some of the smallest distributors in the United States. Ask us how our products can enhance your business and check out our website at for more information. 

Booth #433

Domfoam Inc. founded in 1963 was originally known as Dominion Foam Corp. Saul Pomerantz , a young entrepreneur started the operation from his home garage and has managed to take the company to another level by becoming a major player in the Canadian flexible-foam industry. 

Our company specializes in the production of polyurethane foam products that is used in furniture and bedding fabrication. We also specialize in underlayment for carpets as well as the creation of custom foam products that we sell directly to the consumer. We are continually expanding and 
refining our line of products to bring you the best.

All Domfoam carpet-cushion products are manufactured with 100% new material. Our products are environmentally friendly and are recyclable. We offer the cleanest bonded polyurethane carpet-cushion product line in the industry. Our products are sanitary and non-allergenic; they will not support mold or mildew. They are INDOOR AIR QUALITY/GREEN LABEL approved (reference ID CC315252). Anti-Microbial and Moisture Barrier features are available on our specialty products. Domfoam’s carpet cushion has insulation and acoustical properties, adds comfort and provides protection, prolonging carpet life. Cushion for laminate and engineered wood flooring is now available. 

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Waterproof Wood Flooring

Ekowood International Berhad
Booth #222

Ekowood International Berhad has been serving global engineered hardwood flooring markets from its home base in Malaysia for close to three decades. Trusted by our customers for our integrity and culture of innovation, Ekowood continues to support our business partners to achieve greater heights in their businesses. Ekowood only supplies timber from certified renewable sources and is a firm believer in preserving the environment for generations to come. 

Evolutions Floors
Booth #733

Evolutions Floors is an established full-service wood and SPC flooring supplier based in northern California. We offer a wide variety of on trend fashion forward wood and SPC visuals in various constructions. 

Fine Floor Co.
Booth #410

Finefloors’ commitments of quality, expertise, and service can be seen in the products we provide. We concentrate primarily on wood flooring, both engineered and solid, while working with many creative flooring production facilities in the world to give Finefloors a unique advantage in both design and level of quality. By constantly innovating with the newest design and manufacturing exceptional products with outstanding durability, we are proud to offer a range of flooring that fit any space. Furthermore, we are dedicated to environmental sustainability and all products meet CARB2 and Lacey Act requirements. We are located in Los Angeles, California, making delivery to all areas of the United States convenient and cost effective. 


Finished Edge Technology
Booth #838

Industry leading stair nose solution providing flooring manufacturers, distributors, and dealers with a new unique approach at stair nosing that solve all industry problems of the past.

Foam Solutions Inc.
Booth #639

Foam Solutions Inc (FSI) is a foam manufacturer located in Markham Ontario Canada servicing the North American market. We specialize in acoustical underlayments for hard surface flooring products and wall to wall carpet and area rug cushion. All our products are made from CRI low VOC certified latex rubber which offers high performance at competitive prices. 

Generations Group
Booth #643

Generations Group is a lean and professional full service supply company providing high quality flooring materials incorporating the latest features and designs along with outstanding marketing with the goal of supplying products that increase customers profitability. We are experts in international business, working directly with the best factories in the world specializing in SPC flooring, WPC flooring, wood flooring, LVT, laminate flooring, and all accessory products.

Continual personal presence at factories allows for the highest level of quality control and the development and implementation of new features, textures, designs, and colors. 

Functioning as an OEM supplier by developing our customers brands with the highest quality marketing support including sample designs and labels, box design and labels, sample displays, hand boards, literature (installation, warranties, maintenance), product portfolios, etc. 

We work closely with factories and customers to provide timely and accurate reporting. Raw material and finished product back-up inventory at factory allow for shorter lead times. 

Gilardino Flooring
Booth #713

Gilardino is leading resilient flooring manufacturer that is one of the "Top 10 National Resilient Flooring Brand" and "Top 10 National Home Decoration Flooring Brand". Gilardino has 3 Manufacturing Plants producing 4 product lines including SPC, Heterogeneous Vinyl Flooring, Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring, and Sports Flooring. Gilardino is your reliable source of supply serving all your private-label needs.

At Gilardino, we believe that what sets us apart from other OEM suppliers is our commitment to excellence in all aspects of our business. With years of experience in the industry, we have built a reputation for providing exceptional quality, innovative design, and unparalleled service to our customers.

At the end of the day, we believe that our success is measured by the success of our partners. That's why we are committed to providing exceptional products, service, and support to help our distributors grow their businesses and achieve their goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you succeed. 

HMI Performance Incentives
Booth #412

HMI Performance Incentives is a leading, full-service incentive marketing agency with a single mission of helping clients build strategies that drive results in the B2B space. HMI offers a full suite of support from data analytics, incentive strategy, and program design to marketing communications, program management, and reward fulfillment. 

Integra Wood International
Booth #524

Integra Wood International produces and directly imports premium plywood underlayment products. The company's founder and former flooring distributor senior executive, Russ McCall, developed IntegraPly™ Premium Underlayment with a mission to lead the industry in quality, environmental stewardship, and value. Since then, millions of IntegraPly™ panels have been installed, but our commitment to excellence remains the same. Every sheet of IntegraPly™ is backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty and constructed using premium, 100% sustainable wood sources. Integra Wood achieves consistent product availability, short lead times, and competitive pricing for our distribution partners. Contact us today or come see us at booth #524 to learn more about how Integra Wood can elevate your company's plywood underlayment program. 

NAC Products, Inc.
Booth #122

For 40 years NAC Products has revolutionized the way decorative floors are installed beginning with ECB® Classic, the first self-adhering anti-fracture membrane! 

The success of ECB® Classic has evolved into an extensive line of crack isolation, sound control, and waterproofing solutions that are proven to outperform the competition. NAC membrane systems have been used in more shopping malls, commercial facilities, condo developments, and residential homes than any other liquid or sheet-applied membrane in the flooring industry.

NAC Membrane Systems:
• Anti-fracture/Crack Isolation Membrane Systems (ECB® Classic, ECB® 75)
o Crack isolation protection from ¼” to 3/8” 
o Exceeds ANSI A118.12 for crack isolation and ANSI A118.10 for waterproofing
o Ideal for use with radiant heated floors
o Rated “Extra Heavy Duty”

• Sound Control Membrane Systems (SAM® 3, Super SAM® 125)
o SAM® Membranes have IIC & STC ratings of not less than 50
o Independent lab tested from an accredited facility
o Exceeds ANSI A118.13 for Sound Control
o Provides up to 3/8” crack isolation protection

• Waterproofing Systems (Strataflex®, SubSeal®)
o Strataflex® sheet membrane features a 2” double stick lap joint for a water-tight seal
o Strataflex® provides up to 3/8” crack isolation protection
o SubSeal® liquid membrane is thin, low profile with superior flexibility when cured
o SubSeal® provides up to 1/8” crack isolation protection

NAC primers are necessary components of NAC Membrane Systems and we offer a variety of lifetime and limited fracture-free warranties to meet your needs. 

Visit us at for more information and specifically look for the RESOURCES tab for additional support documents.

NorthStar Flooring
Booth #642

We are Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile manufacturer, Featuring, our High-Quality Dryback LVT and our US Patented Waterproof TriCore Click. Utilizing the Unilin locking system, Diamond Guard Platinum wear surface, all protected by HealthGuard Anti-microbial coating. Stocking over 7 million Square Feet of material stateside. Serving Distributors across the United States, Canada and Mexico. We are excited to be a part of NAFCD!. 

Peerless Flooring
Booth #320

With over 65 years of experience, Peerless Flooring is a leading Canadian carpet manufacturer and hard surface floor covering distributor. Servicing the needs of distributors and retailers alike Peerless Flooring is committed to meeting its customers’ needs in style, service, and price. Its product offering includes a wide selection of broadloom and carpet tiles. With investments in multiple market segments, from residential to professional segments including property management, builder, senior living, hospitality, and workspace, Peerless Flooring guarantees the perfect flooring solution for any project. In addition, all products are tested, certified, or inspected to ensure they meet or exceed industry standards.

Pelican Creations Inc.
Booth #619

We are a family owned business that has been delivering superior flooring products and outstanding service for over 27 years. Our vast knowledge of the industry, developing profitability for our clients and keen attention to product and design innovation is what truly sets us apart from our competitors.
We offer residential and commercial flooring products: laminate, waterproof laminate, engineered hardwood, luxury vinyl, WPC, rigid core, carpet tile, underlayment and accessories.

In addition to our proprietary designs, we also create OEM / private label programs for major distributors across North America, Australia and New Zealand. We can fully tailor our products based on your needs and provide support throughout the entire program development cycle. To successfully launch your program, we provide full marketing support, including literature, samples and displays in any format. It is our privilege to exceed your expectations.

We take pride in producing quality flooring products whilst maintaining integrity in the flooring industry. To name a few, all of our products are fully licensed, we only use virgin PVC and offer 25-year residential and 3-year commercial warranties on most products. Your confidence in our products is paramount and we aim to deliver this through unparalleled service.


SLCC Flooring
Booth #424

Flooring Manufacturer: Hardwood, Laminate, SPC, WPC 

Stair Shop
Booth #732

Stair Shop was founded in 2009 with the mission of bringing custom-matched flooring accessories to every home. Our goal was to offer stair parts that blend with prefinished hardwood floors, elevating the look of any space. Committed to providing the best quality and unparalleled customer service, we started small with staining and finishing. As demand for custom stairs grew and finding reliable manufacturing partners proved to be a challenge, we decided to take control and expand our capabilities into full-scale manufacturing.

Through our manufacturing expertise, we created our flagship product: QNose. Expertly crafted from the flooring product, this innovative stair nose offered a stylish and minimalistic solution, while perfectly matching the color of your flooring product resolving a long-standing issue in the industry. This was just the beginning as we continued to expand our QProducts line to include QVents, QAir Returns, QTreads, and QRisers. We set out to revolutionize the accessory market and our QProducts have become the go-to choice for those seeking a chic and coordinated look. 

TCP Co, Ltd.
Booth #736

The Wood Cellar
Booth #438
The Wood Cellar has been in business since 1993 and has always been a forest products and wood flooring company specializing in international trade. The principal, Stephen Perkins, has an IMBA and a Bachelor of Science in Wood Technology, and prior to starting his firm he was a government trade development specialist for forest products.  Recently the Wood Cellar expanded into vinyl flooring products, and in 2020 launched the patent pending Quartz PC flooring, with incredible clarity and durability .  The Wood Cellar has a long history of working with regional and national distributors to provide consistent quality in engineered wood flooring products, always at competitive prices, and can now offer the same competitive advantages in vinyl flooring products. 

United Surface Solutions
Booth #106

American owned state of the art hard surface SPC manufacturer in the USA, Chatsworth Georgia. 

Vietnam Yoswe Display Company Limited
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White Oak Display & Design
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Woodstock Supplies
Booth #117

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Woodstock Supplies’ mission is to provide the highest quality wood products and customer experience in the industry. Woodstock Supplies is geared toward specialty plywood products. Our focused product U-PLY®X (core product for CCA Global Partners) is ¼” 5-ply premium underlayment with a Birch face and back. It is available in 4’x4’ and 4’x8’ sheets. U-PLY®X was designed by installers for installers. U-PLY®X carries a lifetime warranty for commercial and residential under all floorcoverings. Our smaller size 4-way pallets are designed for ease of handling and faster inventory turns for our customers.

Woodstock Supplies offers a lightweight plywood called U-LITE®, it is a hardwood plywood that is up to 40% lighter in weight. U-LITE® is available in jumbo sizes up to 6’x12’ and everything in between. U-LITE® is precision-engineered for stability. Whether you need the lightweight or not our jumbo and cut-to-size programs will yield out to your liking. Both U-PLY®X and U-LITE® are competitively priced quality hardwood plywood.

You will find that our experienced knowledgeable team will promptly take care of your needs. With 29+ years of plywood industry knowledge and experience, we look forward to serving you. Warehouse locations include - Edison, NJ. Savannah, GA. Houston, TX, and Tacoma, WA. 

Please stop by booth #117 located all the way at the end of the center aisle on the right. Have a great show!

Booth #434

XGS brings innovation, efficiency, and scalability to the distribution of complex freight. As a preferred logistics partner, we excel in handling rolled goods as well as oversized, atypical freight for the construction and home improvement industry. Our flagship network, specialized tools, and experienced team allow us to offer our partners the intelligence and control they need to compete in a world of increasingly high customer expectations.